Cerebral Palsy Treatment & Therapy

Cerebral palsy is an incurable condition, but there are researched therapeutic methods that can help manage the medical, social, and educational challenges:

Physical & Occupational Therapy can help a child develop stronger muscles, increase motor skills and coordination.

Speech Pathology will help develop communication skills.

Drug Therapy can help prevent seizures and control spasticity, but this form of treatment has only proven effective for a short period of time.

Surgery is a therapeutic method used to help severe cerebral palsy cases where lengthening shortened muscle or reducing spasticity in the legs will help with other forms of treatment, such as Physical Therapy.

BOTOX® Injection has been used to treat some cerebral palsy cases within the past 10 years. This form of treatment is injected into the muscles causing the muscle to relax and reduce muscle stiffness and spasms (Recent news articles "BOTOX® injection to help boy walk" - April 2007 & "BOTOX®: Helping Patients Move Again" - March 2007).

These forms of treatment and therapy may work best on certain cerebral palsy cases than others. Every case is unique and requires specific treatment that best fit their needs.

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